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Our New Student Council President

I am Timothy Weng, your new student council president. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be part of the student council and I will do my best to make this year enjoyable for everyone.

I am excited to announce that the student council will hold several amazing events this year: we had a Toy Drive this winter, to help children in need in San Diego; we will have a Safety Campaign in spring, to help students stay healthy and safe. In addition, we are planning to have a fundraiser event soon. We urge you to take a few minutes to enroll in Amazon Smile and eScrip, as they will give a portion of your family’s daily purchase back to our school.

The student council has decided to give part of the donations to Padres Pedal the Cause to support cancer research, and the rest to our school, towards the many ideas that you have. We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions on how to make the school better. You can always talk to me or any student council member in person when you have an idea you want to share. If you prefer to submit your suggestions or comments anonymously, you can use either of the two suggestion boxes we set up recently, one in the 5th grade area one near the library. We collect, read, and discuss them every month. Again, I look forward to having a great year together with all of you!

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