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As we prepare for each new school year, it’s important to remind ourselves of the value an enriched education provides. As you know, La Jolla Elementary is a public school and the resources provided by the state and local funding are not sufficient to achieve our goals.

  • Reducing class size and providing greater instructional support for our student’s daily educational programs

  • Providing the myriad of enrichment programs such as art, music, technology which enhance our children’s overall educational experience

  • Enhancing our curriculum with up-to-date technology

  • Making campus improvements that beautify the learning environment and create green spaces for students to work and play


Each August, Friends of La Jolla Elementary (Friends), launches an Annual Giving Campaign to raise funds to bridge the gap between public funding and the resources needed to provide an enriched education. Now more than ever, Friends needs the support from families to help our school maintain excellence in this unprecedented time.

We Are Committed To An Enriched Education.


Through our Annual Giving Campaign, our goal is to be in a position to answer “yes” when our school, teachers, and administrators call on Friends for funding to improve the safety, education, and community experience of our school.

Last year, the benefits we provided averaged $1,400 per LJES student. Our fundraising focus this year is to encourage 100% participation at the donation level that is appropriate for each LJES family, with the understanding all families are making sacrifices and facing adversity.


Each and every dollar counts, and any donation you make is appreciated and supports our students.

There are many ways to give to La Jolla Elementary School. The Annual Giving Campaign is an absolutely necessary part of our fundraising activities, helping sustain our excellent public school.
Your donation does make a huge difference, and gives the gift of an enriched education to every student at our extraordinary public school. Together, with your generosity, we can
continue to ensure our children receive the best possible education and experience.

Donors at the Gold, Silver, and Bronze level by Friday, October 13, 2023, will be invited to an Annual Giving Campaign cocktail party hosted at one of our families' beautiful homes in La Jolla.



$5000 funds an entire grade of classroom supplies for teacher accounts



$2500 funds a grade-wide field trip or special event



Donors at or above $1700 will be invited to our annual giving cocktail party

$850 AND UP

$850 AND UP

$850 funds one week of a supplemental teacher

$500 AND UP

$500 AND UP

Funds a day of teacher time at La Jolla Elementary



Any donation you can make is appreciated and supports our students


Is my donation tax deductible?


Yes! Friends of La Jolla Elementary, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, separate from La Jolla Elementary School and the San Diego Unified School District, that supports fund raising at our school. Our Tax ID Number is 33-0080727.​


How can I give?

You can donate through our website if you would like to pay with a credit card by clicking give now.

Can I pay by cheque?

If you would like to pay by check, you can download the AGC donation form here and send your payment to our school:

Attn: Annual Giving Campaign

Friends of La Jolla Elementary School, Inc.

7337 Girard Avenue

La Jolla, CA 92037

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! You can donate all at once or pay in installments throughout the school year. Please contact Crystal Duimstra to set up your installment payment schedule.

Do you accept corporate matching gifts, donations from non-LJES parents, and stock?

Yes to all of the above! Thanks to stock donations, corporate matching gifts, and donations from community members and family, our school has raised thousands of dollars in additional funds for our children. If your company provides matching, please contact Elizabeth Van Clief.


If you have any other questions on the Annual Giving Campaign, please contact Crystal Duimstra.

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